Petrobras Entrusts SLB with 5-Year Contract for Comprehensive Digital Overhaul

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Using AI and cloud technologies aids progress toward Petrobras' decarbonization and net-zero goals.

SLB has been selected by Petrobras to implement its Delfi digital platform across the company in a five-year contract. The digital upgrade is expected to span the entire range of Petrobras' operations, from exploration to development and production. Central to the transformation is the transition of subsurface workflows to the cloud, an initiative aimed at speeding up the decision-making process.

Rakesh Jaggi, President of Digital & Integration at SLB, expressed optimism about the venture, saying, "By leveraging AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing technology from SLB, Petrobras will drive aggressive efficiency and production increases across its E&P business." He added that "Leveraging the Delfi platform to digitally transform Petrobras’ E&P workflows, will improve efficiency and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and energy transition."

The Delfi platform has already exhibited results in geological and geophysical (G&G) interpretation, with time reductions observed in processing. In certain workflows, the processing time was cut from hours to mere minutes, according to the company. Reportedly, applications of AI and machine learning helped to diminish fault interpretation time in petrophysical modeling workflows by 60%.


As part of Petrobras' strategy to augment total operations production, the company plans to invest in SLB's digital technology for exploration and production. The deployment of the Delfi platform is expected to equip Petrobras' geoscientists and engineers with digital technologies.