PW Power Systems completes testing of FT4000 aeroderivative gas turbine

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PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., recently announced the successful completion of the initial verification tests for its latest aeroderivative power solution, the FT4000 gas turbine. The testing was conducted at the Pratt & Whitney testing complex in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Test results compiled over the past two months demonstrate performance, emissions, and structural design integrity consistent with pretest predictions and customer requirements. Successful testing validates both operational and performance characteristics of the FT4000 gas turbine, paving the way for commercial introduction scheduled for December 2015.


Completion of testing supports delivery of the initial 120 MW simple-cycle FT4000 Swiftpac power generation unit to Exelon Corporation in November. Exelon is an energy provider with approximately 35,000 MW of owned capacity, and is said to comprise one of the cleanest and lowest cost power generation fleets in the United States.

PWPS is said to deliver reliable and efficient gas turbine engines. With a modular design that includes proven features of the successful FT8 Swiftpac power plant, the FT4000 engine offers a nominal 60 to 120 MW package of reliable peaking and base-load power in a compact footprint.

Powered by a Pratt & Whitney PW4000 derivative gas generator, the FT4000 engine is designed for simple-cycle, combined-cycle, or cogeneration applications. The FT4000 Swiftpac unit known for is said to provide the highest power output of any aeroderivative gas turbine generator package available in the market.

Peter Christman, president of PWPS said, “The successful testing of the FT4000 gas turbine opens another chapter in our long history. The new gas turbine generator package offered by PWPS provides the industry with a highly efficient, environmentally friendly option to fulfill its power generation needs.”