Record orders for MAN Energy Solutions paper-industry vacuum systems

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MAN Energy Solutions’ paper-industry vacuum systems registered a record level of incoming orders in the tissue sector in the first quarter of 2021 where a total of 11 contracts were signed with customers across all global regions.

The global demand for cardboard and tissue products increased by 6% in 2020. Along with continuous population growth, the effects of the pandemic have also sparked a rise in demand for hygiene items such as facemasks. Vacuum systems facilitate dewatering during the manufacturing process for paper, cardboard and tissue products.


ABC Tissue Paper PTY Ltd. in Sydney recently marked a first for Australia with an order for a vacuum blower type RT 56-1 for a tissue-paper machine. Simultaneously, MAN Energy Solutions reports gaining a stronger foothold in markets such as the USA, Mexico, Turkey, Poland and Hungary where TURBAIR vacuum blowers are already in use.