Report: HPC Market to grow 4.68%

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$12.4 billion to be added through 2030

The High-Pressure Air Compressor (HPC) Market will be worth $51.5 billion in 2030 versus $39.1 billion in 2021. A new report by Strategic Market Research examines HPC utilization and current growth indicators.

HPC Utilization

Arctic Compressors take a good chunk of the growth. These sort of compressors provide a pressure range of around 6,000 PSI. The Arctic-2500 series enclosed compressor pushes air through at 24 CFM. It’s fully compliant with all industry standards for large-breathing applications.

Standard-Garage Compressors are sized between 2.6 and 20 gallons. These are frequently used to supply bursts of power for instruments like nail guns and staplers. Larger, higher capacity compressors should be considered for a home garage. This is because more air is trapped in the tank, allowing continuous usage.

Vane Compressors (VC) are the most widely used compressors in garages due to marked efficiency versus other types. Compared to screw compressors, VCs bring more reliable performance and straightforward design. They are used in auto shops, paint stores, and businesses.

Garage air pressure can be used to power tools by boosting and harnessing it. Pneumatic tools require much more pressure than a standard air pump can supply. Garage air compressors combine two systems to meet this demand.


The market for axial-compressors is set to grow at a rate of 5.13%. One of the main drivers is increasing demand for natural gas and expanding pipeline networks.

Looking Ahead

The new GA VSD+ family of small oil-injected, rotary-screw compressors can reduce energy consumption by almost 50%. It’s15% more efficient than the previous generation and provides a 12% increase in free air delivery.

According to a survey by Research Dive, the global market for air compressors is expected to reach $41.1 billion by 2026. Air compressor market growth is fed by increased demand for more green and portable compressors.

Reviewing the facts, the HPC market is expected to see significant growth in the next decade. New varieties entering the market should bolster this phenomenon. Current investments by major companies into R&D for HPCs indicates increased interest for advancing the technology.

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