Rheonik H2 Flow Meters

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Updated flow sensors featuring reliability and connectivity upgrades.

Rheonik RHM04 and RHM10 flow sensors for Hydrogen service now come with fully welded internals to provide assurance from leaks. Supply chain challenges prompted them to release a new version without seals. Internal meter tubing is beam welded directly to the top plate, making the flow path completely free of seals from inlet to outlet. Enclosure covers are now removable to facilitate repair more easily compared to previous models.


For safety, the new removable case has been tested for behavior in internal leakage scenarios. Testing has proven that the case will deform and safely vent H2 where it joins with the meter top plate when the internal pressure reaches between 3 and 4 bar (45 – 60psi). The inclusion of a bursting disk in the case is no longer necessary.