RMS, Modest Tree Partner to Develop Virtual Training Solutions

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Rotating Machinery Services will leverage Modest Tree’s digital training and maintenance solutions to develop 3D visualization and AR-enabled support.

Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) has formed a collaboration with Modest Tree to combine its rotating equipment support with digital training and maintenance solutions. RMS will integrate Modest Tree’s Tech Companion technology to create a training platform that includes 3D visualization and augmented reality (AR)-enabled remote support. These digital solutions will allow RMS to deploy a turnkey technology ecosystem that transfers information from paper to an interactive virtual 3D environment.

Modest Tree develops technologies with 3D-focused digital job packets and training tools to educate end-users in an interactive platform. With this collaboration, RMS and Modest Tree will offer customized training tools for specific plants and machinery to educate maintenance workers, schedule turnarounds, and keep records of past maintenance services.


We are thrilled to partner with Modest Tree. RMS is pleased to offer our customers an industry-first comprehensive technology service that covers all aspects of their business,” said Kraig Simpson, Vice President of Technology at RMS. “This collaboration perfectly aligns with RMS’s long-term vision of becoming a global leader in providing technology solutions in the rotating equipment space and beyond.”

RMS plans to combine its advanced metrology equipment with 3D models to integrate itself into the Modest Tree interactive environment. The customers’ machinery scan data and process locations can be transformed into an interactive tool to deploy during job planning and execution. RMS will utilize metrology and scan data to create machine-specific digital job packs.

“Joining forces with RMS presents an opportunity for us to leverage our advanced digital tools to best serve our shared customer base,” said Sam Sanandaji, CTIO of Modest Tree. “We are confident this partnership will allow us to better support our customers and take on even more ambitious projects. We are thrilled to leverage advanced technology to shift the paradigm of the rotating equipment market and beyond.”

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