Rolls-Royce packager expands portfolio with Siemens turbines

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Centrax Gas Turbines has expanded its range of power generation products in an agreement with Siemens to package two of Siemens gas turbines product ranges. Under the agreement both the Siemens SGT-300 and SGT-400 gas turbines will be packaged at the Centrax UK plant in Newton Abbot.

Centrax will initially market the packages for the industrial power generation and cogeneration markets in the UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium. The two Siemens turbines are sized between 8 and 15 MWe and will add to the Centrax gas turbine powered generator sets which range from 2.5 MW to 64 MW.

Centrax has packaged almost 300 generator sets for the European market and in addition to its UK headquarters, has customer support depots in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Russia employing nearly 100 personnel. Centrax has used the Rolls-Royce 501 gas turbine since 1979, in this time it has sold more than 300 units. The main markets until 2005 were Western Europe (Netherlands, France, Spain, and Germany).

Centrax has agents in fourteen countries who promote the company and its products and pick up leads and enquiries which are followed up by the UK sales team.