Rolls-Royce to Supply Large-Scale Battery Storage Solution for Latvian Grid

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Rolls-Royce signed an agreement with AST to supply an mtu EnergyPack QG large-scale battery storage system to ensure the stability and synchronization of the Latvian national grid.

Augstsprieguma tikls (AST), a Latvian transmission system operator, placed an order with Rolls-Royce for an mtu large-scale battery storage system to secure the Latvian grid. Latvia will also use the battery storage system, along with other Baltic states, to synchronize its energy supply system with the continental European power grid.

“We are proud to be able to make a significant contribution to this important and safety-critical project in Latvia,” said Dr. Jörg Stratmann, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “Our battery solutions, which belong to our strategic business fields, make a sustainable and reliable contribution to energy security worldwide. The facility for Latvia will be our largest battery storage system to date.”


Rolls-Royce will supply an mtu EnergyPack QG large-scale battery storage system with an output of 80 MW and a storage capacity of 160 MWh. AST’s order also includes general contractor services as well as installation and commissioning. The battery system will be used in 2025 at two locations: a 20 MW/40 MWh battery storage at AST’s substation in Tume and a 60 MW/120 MWh battery storage at the AST substation in Rezekne.

Rolls-Royce’s system can provide fast, automatically activated frequency regulation reserves required for the synchronization mode, where Baltic power transmission systems operate in sync with European grids. EnergyPack QG will provide power reserves at lower costs than existing conventional power plants and the companies have signed a 5-year long-term service agreement for the system.

The components of the battery storage system include integrated battery cabinets and the mtu EnergetIQ intelligent control system. These assets are primarily used for grid services, energy trading, and the integration of renewable energies. EnergetIQ ensures optimum performance and flexibility.

“In addition to battery container solutions, Rolls-Royce supplies these mtu EnergyPack QG large-scale storage solutions, which consist of modular units for capacity and power and can be flexibly configured to any size,” Andreas Görtz, President Sustainable Power Solutions at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “We look forward to working with AST and appreciate the trust that the Latvian transmission system operator has placed in us.”