Rolls Wood Group secures maintenance contract from Fingrid

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Rolls Wood Group (RWG) has won a contract for shop inspection, repair and engine testing services, for two Rolls-Royce Avon gas generators operated by Fingrid Oyj (Fingrid). The deal was signed after a comprehensive tendering process, a strict pre-qualification process and submission of a detailed commercial and technical proposal.

Gas generators provide an essential source of reserve power for Finland’s high voltage grid. Fingrid’s Rolls-Royce Avon equipment provides emergency power for grid stabilization, covering temporary grid disturbances. Work on this contract is expected to start immediately, from engine disassembly, detailed inspection and repair or replacement of defective components, to full engine test before return to service.


Tapani Karhinen, manager reserve power for Fingrid, said: “All submissions were subjected to a thorough analysis and measured against key criteria including health and safety, environmental and employment practices, quality management and competitiveness. Based on this analysis, Rolls Wood Group was recommended for this award.”

Mark Forsyth, industrial & marine business director, RWG commented: “We understand the specific needs of operators using gas generators for reserve power applications. By tailoring our maintenance service to Fingrid’s operational requirements, we are able to deliver equipment reliability at an acceptable lifecycle cost.”

RWG participated in the Fingrid tender process with Wood Group Pratt & Whitney (WGPW), resulting in a similar multi-engine contract award for the provision of maintenance services for Pratt & Whitney JT4 gas turbines.