Rotating Machinery Services Overhauls VH-405 Compressor at Pearland Facility

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RMS used its Pearland Works facility to conduct an overhaul operation for an AC VH-405 centrifugal compressor.

Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) assisted a refining customer in the overhaul of an AC Compressor VH-405 centrifugal compressor at its Pearland Works facility. The team conducted the overhaul operation and delivered the finished product ahead of time. Shop staff, RMS engineering, and project management were on-site to perform the compressor overhaul operation.


AC Compressor’s V-405 model was sent to RMS after containment in the customer’s laydown yard for several years. Due to the outdoor storage, the centrifugal compressor was heavily corroded and filled with water and debris that required removal before further inspection. The compressor internals were rusted and required blasting to restore the metal finish.

Upon inspection, RMS identified several cracks along the diaphragm split lines which had to be welded to meet RMS standards. The cracks were welded with a temper bead technique, which eliminates the need for post-weld heat treatment and reduces the turnaround time for the repair. RMS removed the balance piston seal insert to clean and scan the component for a future fabrication drawing.

Following the cleaning, the rotor was inspected and sent to the balance area at RMS’s Pearland Works facility. The team balanced the rotor for high-speed operations and it was installed into a cleaned, repaired casing. The overhauled compressor was then delivered to the refining customer and is currently in operation.