RWE's Biblis Power Plant Boosts German Grid Reliability with GE's Aeroderivative Tech

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Eleven LM2500XPRESS units will support Germany's renewable energy objectives.

RWE and GE have officially unveiled the Biblis power plant, a project that enhances the reliability of Germany's electricity supply by delivering up to 300 MW to the grid as needed. Located in the Southern Hesse region of Germany, the Biblis plant utilizes 11 units of GE's advanced LM2500XPRESS aeroderivative gas turbine technology and GE's gas-insulated-substation (GIS) equipment.

For this project, a grid stability power plant will benefit a transmission system operator in Germany, with the facility capable of delivering power within 30 minutes upon request. The plant's objective is to maintain constant grid stability, aligning with Germany's goal of sourcing 80% of its power from renewables by the end of the decade following its exit from nuclear energy and ideally, coal power generation.

CEO of RWE Generation, Roger Miesen, highlighted the plant's quick and adaptable power provision, and said that the implementation of GE's modularly designed aeroderivative gas technology and sophisticated protection, monitoring, and diagnostic software will ensure the plant's safe operation.


The GE turbines at Biblis are connected to a 380 kV high-voltage substation, home to Germany's first outdoor GIS, the T168. This substation is equipped to navigate the challenges of networks up to 550 kV for various applications including power generation, transmission, and heavy industry.

According to Joseph Anis, President & CEO, Europe, Middle East & Africa, GE Gas Power, the move towards grid digitization and modernization is crucial for countries like Germany. Anis emphasized that GE's aeroderivative fleet and grid solutions would not only provide RWE with a dependable energy supply but also support Germany's grid reserve and handle the intricate requirements of a grid rich in renewables.

The technology employed at Biblis, GE's LM2500XPRESS power plant, draws upon GE's LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbines. The LM2500XPRESS offers quick installation and can achieve full power within five minutes. The flexible, plug-and-play solution is available in simple and combined cycle configurations, providing efficient power quickly and effectively. The LM2500XPRESS units for the Biblis project were manufactured at GE Gas Power’s Manufacturing Excellence Center in Hungary.