RWG bags inspection contract for Siemens Avon machines

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AES UK & Ireland has awarded RWG a contract for inspection of eight Siemens Industrial Avon gas generators installed at Ballylumford Power Station in County Antrim, considered Northern Ireland’s largest power station. The scope of work involves a comprehensive inspection of each gas generator including video borescope of the engine compressor, combustion system and turbine section.

Under this contract RWG will provide a full technical report on engine condition, identifying areas of concern and outlining remedial action to ensure continued integrity and operational reliability of this equipment. Ballylumford provides 1,246 MW of gas-fired power generation, accounting for more than half of the provinces power supply.


The bulk of this capacity is generated by combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT), utilizing waste heat recovery steam generators and steam turbines to enhance efficiency and increase total power output. AES also owns and operates Kilroot Power Station in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. In common with Ballylumford, this 662 MW power plant has an installed fleet of Siemens aero-derivative gas generators, also supported by RWG. 

Steven Rogers, Senior Buyer – Projects & Services, AES Europe, said AES is committed to the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable energy for the All-Island electricity market and supports Northern Ireland’s security of supply. “RWG was awarded this contract based on their wealth of experience, past performance and overall competiveness.”

Mark Forsyth, RWG’s Industrial & Marine Business Director said, “During our 15 years of experience at the Ballylumford site we’ve gained valuable insight and understanding of the services that most benefit our customer. We’ve been able to optimise work scopes to achieve fleet reliability within the operational cost parameters set by AES. This award provides continuity and the ability to plan preventative maintenance activity, minimising the risk of unscheduled downtime.”