Seal Gas Recovery System

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For tandem seal configurations

John Crane’s Seal Gas Recovery (SGR) System is designed to work with tandem seal installations to recover seal leakage and divert the gas stream for more productive purposes. In tandem-seal arrangements, seal gas leakage is routed to the flare line and burned as waste, resulting in emissions. The SGR System minimizes the release of these emissions. It pairs with tandem-seal installations and can be retrofitted with existing equipment. Pressure boosts up to 400 psig/27.5 bar for standard system designs; other pressures are available in engineered-to-order configurations. Vent gas flow capacity is 40 SCFM/68 Nm3/h. Temperature can run up to 212oF/100oC. Its recommended uses are in a natural gas pipeline, low-pressure pipeline compressors, propylene and ethylene compressors, and when handling a variety of process gases.