Several more Capstone deals

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Capstone Green Energy has secured six orders for C65 microturbines throughout the state of California. The 16 C65 units will be installed for customers in the agriculture, oil and gas, and hospitality industries. The systems are expected to be commissioned in early 2023. The microturbines will be fueled by natural gas but are capable of running on a 30% hydrogen blend, when customers have access to such fuel blends in the future. For the hospitality application, the systems will be configured for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), allowing the site to capture waste heat from the units to provide cost-effective heating for various on-site applications.

In addition, Capstone secured orders for two waste-to-energy projects in the Sardinia region of Italy, as well as an order for a hybrid PV solar and microturbine trigeneration system for a hotel complex in Jamaica. And it is enabling two customers to achieve their energy, reliability and environmental goals. The first order for one C600S unit will be installed for a customer in the education space, while the second order for two C1000S units will be provided to a customer in the agriculture industry. All the systems are expected to be operational by the early part of 2023. Finally, it has secured two 36-month Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) contracts with a cryptocurrency mining company looking to reduce its impact on the environment.