Siemens awarded steam turbine modernization and upgrade project in China

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Siemens recently signed an agreement with Shanghai Shenergy Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenergy Technology) to implement a high-temperature subcritical upgrade for a 320MW steam turbine unit at Xuzhou Power Plant, a subsidiary of China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd (CR Power) in Jiangsu province. It is estimated that the upgrade will enhance the unit's power output efficiency up to 42.9 percent, reduce its emissions by more than 10 percent and extend its overhaul interval from six to 12 years. This will increase the generation revenue of the plant while reducing maintenance costs significantly. The project is expected to be concluded in mid-2019.

Steam temperature is the key factor in influencing the power generation efficiency and coal consumption of a steam turbine. In this project, the main steam and hot reheat steam temperature will be raised from 537 to 600 degrees. In addition, the project will include adopting control stage, advanced blade designs, such as 3DS and 3DV blades, and additional steam extraction for the A0 high-pressure pre-heater. This will help CR Power to lower the coal consumption of the subcritical unit by more than 10 percent to 287g/kWh, which is close to the ultra-supercritical level. The project will also help reduce performance degradation while improving the unit's flexibility, availability and reliability.


Over the past 36 years, Siemens has successfully upgraded more than 300 large scale steam turbines worldwide. Moreover, Siemens' four service centers in Beijing, Huludao, Shanghai and Yixing together with nearly a hundred engineers is part of a global network of over 80 service centers that offers Chinese customers state of the art technical and service support solutions.​