Siemens begins construction of new energy service and training center in Bolivia

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As part of its deep commitment to supporting Bolivia’s efforts to improve access to electricity for its growing population, Siemens recently celebrated the start of construction on a new, modern energy service and training center in Bolivia.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 15 and was attended by Bolivia Energy Minister, Mr. Rafael Alarcon; Siemens Global CEO of Power Generation Services, Mr. Tim Holt; Siemens Latin America Head of Power Generation Services, Mr. Tim Frace; and Siemens Bolivia Head, Mr. John Prado.

Siemens and Bolivia’s Energy Ministry also signed a memo of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on future technology projects in areas such as distributed generation, renewable energy, electrical infrastructure, lithium industrialization and digitalization.

The new Bolivia Service and Training Center is designed to provide Siemens’ specialized high-tech traditional and digital services to energy customers in Bolivia and South America. The new service and training center is located on a 9,200 square meter site at the Parque Industrial Latinoamericano (PILAT) in the city of Warnes and will also function as a hub for servicing power equipment installed in the South America region. Siemens is investing over $23 million in the facility that is expected to employ approximately 130 people.


It will feature the latest in digital technologies and solutions with Siemens’ advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics, data analytics as well as specialized classroom and hands-on training, parts supply, engineering expertise and project management. By utilizing Siemens’ Fleet Center Solutions at the service center, power generation assets across the country can be monitored remotely, providing real-time insights into the operational conditions of the fleet. Based on those insights, Siemens' advanced data analytics will make recommendations for improved performance to help extend the operational lifetime of the power plants.

Siemens is providing its power generation technology to substantially expand three combined cycle power plants in Bolivia: Termoeléctrica del Sur, Termoeléctrica de Warnes, and Termoeléctrica Entre Ríos. Part of an overarching collaboration between Siemens and Bolivia’s Energy Ministry, the project will add more than one gigawatt (GW) capacity to the local power grid, substantially increasing the installed power generating capacity of Bolivia’s National Interconnected System. The close proximity of this new service and training center will serve to support these ambitious power plant projects along with other projects in the region.

Siemens is working to help Bolivia maintain a reliable energy supply for the country's population and lay the groundwork for future exports. Power generation in Bolivia is projected to almost double, from 8.7 terawatt hours (TWh) in 2014 to 14.2 TWh in 2026. This will allow Bolivia’s planned electricity exports to match internal demand by 2025, in line with the nation’s goal of becoming the energy hub of South America and providing electricity to its bordering countries.