Siemens Energy storage initiative targets batteries as well as mechanical storage technologies

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Siemens Energy has launched the Future of Storage initiative with aim of creating efficient energy storage systems to compensate for the fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies and stabilize the grids. A team of experts is being formed that covers all available energy storage technologies, from batteries to thermal and thermo-mechanical energy storage systems.

"We want to offer every customer the optimal energy storage solution that best suits their needs," explained Anette Ossege-Schaffrath, who heads the team at Siemens Energy. "To do this, we need access to a broad portfolio of storage technologies.”

At the beginning of June, Siemens Energy entered into a long-term partnership with the Norwegian technology company EnergyNest. The start-up is a supplier of thermal energy storage systems. The aim of the partnership is to jointly offer modularized and standardized thermal energy storage systems for industrial customers. EnergyNest has developed a heat battery that can be charged with renewable energy or with waste heat and can discharge completely renewable steam directly into customers' plants when required. This reduces the demand for fossil generated heat and at the same time increases the flexibility of the plants.


The end goal of the two- year project is to create an inverse design process to optimize the design of a gas turbine blade component and reduce the design cycle time.  In future, the framework will also be extended to other applications such as aviation turbine engines, aeroderivative engines, wind turbines, and hydro turbines.