Siemens expands gas-fired power station in Argentina

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Siemens has received a contract to expand the Genelba gas-fired power station in Argentina. Working with its Argentine partner Techint, it will expand the power station for the end customer, Pampa Energía S.A. The project, known as Genelba Plus, involves converting the existing power station in Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires Province, into a combined cycle power plant. The expansion will increase the plant’s electrical capacity from 168 to around 364 megawatts. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned in mid-2019.

Genelba Plus is designed as a multi-shaft combined cycle power plant, in which two gas turbines and one steam turbine will each drive their own generator. The scope of the project for Siemens consists of one SGT5-2000E gas turbine, one SST-5-5000 steam turbine, and two SGen-100A generators, in addition to two NEM heat recovery steam generators, the SPPA-T3000 distributed control system, and medium and high-voltage components. Siemens will also be in charge of the engineering and provide assistance with assembly and commissioning. A letter of intent for servicing the plant has been signed. Siemens’ partner Techint will be responsible for setting up the overall plant.


In the past two years, Siemens has obtained contracts from Argentina for two F-class, one E-class, eight SGT-A65, and 13 SGT-800 gas turbines. Six of the SGT-A65 and six of the SGT-800 gas turbines, including long-term service contracts, account for four power station projects by themselves. These contracts, valued at around $570 million, were received by Siemens in March 2017. In May this year, Siemens also won a contract for servicing, maintenance and a capacity upgrade for the existing Genelba plant.