Siemens to build two natural gas-fired plants in Israel

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Siemens recently received an order to construct two industrial combined cycle natural gas-fired power plants in Israel, with a total capacity of 140MW. The project will involve construction of the Alon Tavor and Ramat Gabriel natural gas-fired power plants.

Siemens will deliver a SST-300 industrial steam turbine, a SGT-800 industrial gas turbine, and the SPPA-T3000 control system for each project. With an electrical capacity of 70MW each, the two industrial plants are likely to be commissioned in mid-2018. Siemens will also manage their turnkey construction.

The plants will feature steam extraction systems and electricity generated will be supplied to the national power grid. Alon Tavor will deliver electricity and process steam to a creamery, and Ramat Gabriel power plant will supply power to a fibre factory. The turbines will be manufactured in Brno, Czech Republic, and Finspong, Sweden.


Nearly 40 percent of the total power generation capacity in Israel is based on Siemens technology. Siemens' Israel power and gas country division lead and CEO Shmuel Fledel said: "We are now supplying our first entirely combined cycle plants to an Israeli independent power producer. This is a good opportunity to establish ourselves in the country as a supplier of turnkey power plant solutions and services."