Siemens to supply integrally geared air compressors to China

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Siemens Energy will supply, with its Chinese joint venture SITHCO (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Huludao Co. Ltd.), the first two large size, pre-engineered integrally geared compressors for an air separation plant in China. The new unit will supply gas for a nonferrous metal smelting plant in Fangchenggang in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region in Southern China, which is expected to go online early next year.


The Siemens scope of supply encompasses two STC-GC compressors, each with three stages, including gear type coupling, lube oil unit, inlet expansion joint and other auxiliary systems. SITHCO as local Chinese supplier will be responsible for gas coolers, gas/oil/water piping and for the supervision of erection and commissioning on site. The inlet volume flow of the pre-engineered compressors is about 200,000 m³ air per hour. In the air separation process, the compressor efficiency is of utmost importance.

The extension of the STC-GC compressor series covers the 120,000-400,000 m3/h capacities at a pressure ratio of 6.5 with 3 impeller stages and adjustable inlet guide vanes for compressor control. Pre-engineering of compressor components allows reducing lead time and costs.