Siemens turbines to power Dow plant

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Siemens recently handed over three gas turbines and one steam turbine to Dow Stade for a new 163 MW cogeneration power plant. For the Dow chemical site located in Stade, Germany, the Siemens scope of supply comprised the planning, manufacture, factory testing, delivery, installation and commissioning of three SGT-800 industrial gas turbines and one SST-600 steam turbine.


(An SGT-800 industrial gas turbine) 

Besides electricity, the new cogeneration unit will supply process steam for production processes in the chemicals complex. Each of the three gas turbines is connected to a downstream, supplementary fired heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), which feeds steam to the existing steam turbine as well as to the new steam turbine. The HRSG is fueled with natural gas and hydrogen produced in the production process.

The SST-600 single-casing turbine with front steam admission is designed for operation at speeds ranging from 3000 to 18,000r/min for generators or mechanical drives up to 150 MW, said Siemens. The turbine is used for condensing and back-pressure applications.