Siemens upgrades TB Core engines for industrial gas turbines

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Siemens has developed new TB core engines in order to extend the lifecycle of its TB5000 industrial gas turbines. The new core engines, of both TB4900 and TB5400 ratings, will adopt the latest technology designs and enhancements from Siemens' current, small, industrial gas turbine portfolio, including performance and efficiency improvements for low ambient operation.

According to Siemens, the modernized core engines and new control system upgrades will also help customers lower overall costs by reducing the need to replace parts as frequently in the aging machines.


Siemens introduced a new blade and disc design for the compressor turbine section, eliminating the method of blade retention through material deformation. The new method simplifies the assembly process and draws on modern gas turbine technology.

The company said it would build and assemble the first 20 units at the Siemens Service Product Centre of Competence in Aberdeen, Scotland. Installation of the new core engines is set to begin in early 2016.