Small-Scale LNG Plants

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Dresser-Rand’s first liquefied natural gas demonstration plant known as LNGo has successfully produced LNG. Commercial LNGo plants, now available, are sized to produce about 6,000 gallons/day of LNG from 707,000 standard cubic feet of natural gas. This 100 ft-by-40 ft point-of-use production plant is made up of four packaged skids: power module, compressor module, process module and conditioning module. It is targeted mostly for North American well-pad and flare-gas customers far from LNG facilities. One flare, for example, is said to fuel three drilling rigs or six-to-ten mining vehicles. The idea is to offer an inexpensive liquid alternative to diesel, propane and heating oil. Well head gas can be purchased for about $4.00 per decatherm (1 million BTUs). When converted to LNG, the heat energy produced is one-half to two-thirds the price of diesel ($4/gal). Dresser-Rand’s preference is to sell the LNGo unit; the company is looking for partners to offer rental or lease options.