SoftInWay AxSTREAM Contract

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Partnership to develop new turbomachinery and propulsion systems

SoftInWay and Meggitt Defense Systems are entering a partnership. They will be working together to bring the newest of Meggitt’s turbomachinery technology to the Aerospace and Defense Industry. SoftInWay’s experience working with corporations to develop more efficient and reliable turbomachinery and propulsion systems spans more than two decades.

Meggitt Defense Systems specializes in setups found within the aerospace and defense world including thermal management systems, aerospace pumps and fans, ammunition handling systems, aeromechanical systems, and more. Meggitt will use AxSTREAM to expand their turbomachinery product line and technology.


Those who have used it can conceptualize turbomachinery systems and improve existing machines through the AxSTREAM platform for turbomachinery and propulsion system design and engineering services. The turbomachinery technology produced under this arrangement will be utilized by defense forces globally.