SoftInWay Partners with ESA for Turbopump Predesign Tools

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The European Space Agency (ESA) will utilize the AxSTREAM.SPACE software to design turbopumps for rocket technology.

SoftInWay Inc. has signed a contract with ESA to use its turbopump predesign tools, which are part of its software package, AxSTREAM.SPACE, to create new turbopump designs for the rocket industry, advancing technology for space exploration.

“We are proud to join hands with ESA, a prominent institution at the forefront of space innovation,” said Dr. Leonid Moroz, CEO of SoftInWay. “This partnership not only underscores our commitment to driving technological advancements in the space industry, but also aligns with our deep-rooted passion for space exploration. With AxSTREAM.SPACE’s unique capabilities combined with the brilliant minds at ESA, we are confident that together we will usher in a new era of propulsion technology in the space industry, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”


AxSTREAM.SPACE will support ESA’s efforts to improve upon propulsion systems through the software’s advanced turbomachinery and propulsion design. SoftInWay plans on signing contracts to expand AxSTREAM.SPACE’s reach to additional European customers, allowing the space exploration industry to develop turbopumps for rocket applications.

SoftInWay’s program offers specific design, analysis, and optimization features for use in the predesign stages of manufacturing turbopumps for space-faring vehicles.