StoneAge Releases COMPASS

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New heat exchange and confined space cleaner

StoneAge is releasing the Compass, a remotely operated indexing solution that delivers tube-to-tube positioning for cleaning horizontal, vertical, and enclosed heat exchanger bundles. With a radial cleaning motion from a single connection point, the Compass enables operators to clean all the way around circular tube bundles with minimal stops to remount the equipment. This improves safety and productivity during cleaning.

The Compass is customizable to meet with the demands industrial cleaning contractors face. The optional Confined Space Kit reduces the dangers of manually performing high-pressure cleaning inside enclosed tube bundles by enabling operators use of the equipment from outside of confined spaces.


The complete system, the Compass AutoPack, combines StoneAge equipment formerly known as the ProP-DBP and ProPositioner with the industry-leading ProDrive single lance tractor to provide a self-contained solution for heat exchanger and confined space cleaning. Both are available for rent and purchase through all StoneAge locations worldwide.

Those who already own a StoneAge ProDrive or ProPositioner can further their tube cleaning capabilities by converting to the complete system.