Sundyne introduces no-leak, vertical !PI 685 Sealless Magnetic Drive pump

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Sundyne recently unveiled its first vertical in-line sealless magnetic drive centrifugal API 685 compliant pump, boldly advancing its portfolio of highly reliable sealless, API-compliant fluid handling solutions.

The General Service Pump Vertical - or GSPV, for short - is perfect for new builds, especially those where space is at a premium, such as offshore installations and floating platforms. The GSPV is also designed to fit easily into existing processes as a replacement model for single and double sealed direct drive overhung vertical inline OH3, OH4, OH5 and BS 4082 standard pumps in refineries and petrochemical plants.


Featuring a completely sealless design, the GSPV eliminates the cost and complexity of seals and ancillary seal support systems. Thanks to their leak-free design, sealless pumps are ideally suited for handling harmful and toxic fluids such as hydrocarbons, aromatics, acids and alkalis, which are subject to stringent emissions regulations. With increasing demand for the safety and welfare of personnel, Sundyne sealless pumps such as the GSPV are playing an ever-greater part in meeting EH&S goals.

GSPV pumps are designed to deliver flow rates up to 1,000 gpm (230 m(3)/hr) - with a maximum head of 400 ft (120 m) - and can withstand operating temperatures from -40 °F to 400 °F (-40 °C to 205 °C). They have a design pressure of 600 Psi (40 bar) in standard configuration. Higher design pressures are available.

The GSPV also boasts a pair of new optional features: the PEEK carbon fiber reinforced ZeroLoss containment shell, which promotes higher efficiency via the elimination of eddy current loss, and the VapourView non-intrusive gas-in-liquid detector that provides the early detection of gas formation in the internal flow regime, increasing reliability and reducing down time cost.