Survey shows alternate fuel capability most important in gas turbine

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A new survey by Turbomachinery International reveals that those specifying or purchasing gas turbines selected alternate fuel capability as the most important factor. This trend is probably being driven by renewed interest in hydrogen-powered gas turbines, as well as ongoing efforts to further reduce emissions.

These results came from a survey posed to more than 300 industry professionals who attended the “Gas Turbine Market: Then, Now and the Future!” webcast hosted by Turbomachinery International Magazine on June 18, 2020.

36.1% chose alternative fuel capability as the most critical deciding factor when purchasing a new gas turbine, 28.4% gave the greatest emphasis to higher combined cycle efficiency and 21.9% to better simple cycle efficiency. Only 13.5% of respondents picked dry low emissions.

The survey also asked users which type of gas turbines they primarily operate, manage, supply or service? 22% of respondents primarily use GE Heavy Frame turbines and 17.3% use GE aeroderivatives. Siemens Heavy Frame users gained 17.3% while Siemens aeroderivative users represented 6.4%. 10.9% of respondents use Solar equipment with 4.5% using turbines from Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS).


As well as the survey and its results, the webcast addressed the state of the market as of 2019, how gas turbine orders are trending overall and how the market has changed in light of current events. Featured speakers included Anthony Brough, President of Dora Partners & Company, an energy-focused management consulting company and Drew Robb, Editor-in-Chief of Turbomachinery International Magazine.

Watch a replay of our webcast here.