Temperature Measurement in Fluid Film Bearings

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Temperature Measurement

Any change in load, shaft speed, oil flow, oil inlet temperature, or bearing surface finish affects bearing temperature. In turn, excessively high temperatures in the shoe babbitt metal can lead to costly bearing failures caused by wiping of the babbitt.

As you would expect, computer programs are available which analyze oil film pressure, oil temperature, oil viscosity, and shoe deflection. However, these programs yield temperature predictions which are dependent upon several assumptions regarding film shape, hot oil carry-over, and average viscosity.


Fortunately, a more reliable method of assessing bearing performance exists. We offer shoes with built-in temperature sensors so you can continually monitor the shoe's surface temperature. This way, metal temperature (the most accurate indicator of the bearing condition) is known at a glance. Remember, discharge oil temperature is indicative only of the inlet oil temperature and the friction power loss in the bearing.

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