Test Results Comparing the Effect of Reverse Rotation on Offset Pivot Journal Bearing Pad Temperatures

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Babbitt temperatures in pivoted shoe bearings can be significantly reduced by offsetting the pad pivots in the direction of rotation. However, reverse rotation can occur in certain types of machinery under temporary or adverse conditions. The offset is then in the wrong direction and it becomes important to know if the bearing can withstand the reverse rotation operating conditions without damage. This paper compares pad temperature data from tests of a 152.4-mm, 60 percent offset bearing in forward and reverse rotation. The data indicate that the offset pivot bearing can run in reverse without damage for the operating conditions tested. Reverse rotation pad temperatures are hotter. Discussions towards the end of the paper address assessment of the data.

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Contributes By: Scan DeCamillo, Keith Brockwell, and Waldemar Dmochowski