The Answer to Complicated DCS

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Yokogawa and CCC collaborate on a DCS solution

Over many years of operation, automation systems tend to become more complicated. Instead of operating from a single platform such as a distributed control system (DCS), users contend with a variety of specialized measurement & control products such as OEM programmable logic controllers (PLCs) integrated on compressor skids. But integration requires additional hardware, engineering, testing, and commissioning. Systems can become less reliable due to complexity and because PLCs are not as reliable as a DCS. Costs, maintenance time, and staff training requirements are all impacted. And the organization must content with multiple vendors.

Compressors, for example, are the most commonly used rotating equipment in process plants. Consolidation of compressor controls and DCS is a sensible approach. But turbomachinery engineering skillsets differ from those for other process units. When the OEM PLC warranty expires, the user is free to replace it with a controller from a controls specialist. Accordingly, Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) and Yokogawa have developed the CCC Inside for Yokogawa CENTUM VP solution that integrates process and rotating equipment controls in a single system. It incorporates CCC Inside turbomachinery control algorithms with Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP DCS. This joint solution enables the use of a single hardware platform that streamlines the system architecture and results in a reduction in interconnecting systems, protocols, and associated testing. This improves reliability, reduces operating and maintenance costs, and simplifies maintenance, inventory management, and training.


As CCC’s user interface is integrated into the CENTUM VP HMI, process control and compressor control are both available on the same HMI. CCC’s HMI libraries have been rebuilt for Yokogawa’s operator displays, ensuring users have a window into the performance of their turbomachinery controls. The compressor map, faceplates, and commissioning tools will be familiar to CCC users. Users can also take advantage of engineering utilities such as CCC Configurator and CCC Fast Recorder to tune their turbomachinery controls and reliably record events.

CENTUM VP is the ninth generation in Yokogawa’s CENTUM series. Yokogawa capabilities include Agile Program Management and Data Model Broker with integral digital twin technology to streamline engineering design and data management throughout the plant lifecycle. It further enables improved opportunities for asset performance management, predictive maintenance, and sustainable lifecycle services.CCC and Yokogawa have also combined engineering and field service capabilities to guarantee timely support for end user operations.