Three geothermal plants come online in Turkey

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Exergy International, a provider of new generation geothermal binary power plants and part of the Chinese TICA Corporation, brought three new geothermal power plants online in Turkey - a 26 MW Greeneco Enerji, a 12 MW for RSC Enerji and a 10 MW for Kiper Elektrik. Exergy was awarded the contract in late December 2019.

The new unit for Greeneco Enerji is a single pressure cycle equipped with two radial outflow turbines, using an air-cooled condensing system for a total power output of 26MW. Exergy’s contract included engineering and supply and site support of the power plant. The project is the sixth repeat order from Greeneco.


The 12 MW geothermal power plant for RSC Enerji features a two-pressure level cycle on a single turbine. Exergy’s contract has involved the engineering, manufacturing and site advisory services of the power plant.

The third plant commissioned at the end of October is a 10 MWe unit for Kiper Elektrik a subsidiary company of the Kipaş Holding Group. The plant's total capacity is approx. 60 MW and has a 10 MW ORC unit, a two-pressure cycle equipped with one radial outflow turbine that uses a water-cooled condensing system.