Three LNG plants start up in China

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The Shaanxi Jingbian Xingyuan plant started operations in December 2013 and the Yulin Yuenheng  and the Xilaifeng (Wuhai 1) LNG plants came on line in January 2014. The Qianlishan (Wuhai 2) LNG plant is on schedule to start-up in December 2014.

The Jingbian Xingyuan LNG Project is located in Jingbian City and owned by Shaanxi Jingbian Xingyuan Industry Ltd. When completed, the facility will have a 1.5 million nominal cubic meters per day capacity.


The Yulin Yuanheng LNG Peak Shaving Project is located in Ma Huangliang Industrial Park in Yulin City. When completed, the facility will also have a 1 million nominal cubic meter per day capacity.

The plants feature Black & Veatch’s patented PRICO technology. PRICO is an innovative process developed by Black & Veatch to liquefy natural gas. In China, the technology is relied upon to support the need for alternative “Clean Energy” fuel to power vehicle, homes and industries.

At present, the Chemtex-Black & Veatch team has commissioned 11 operational plants utilizing PRICO technology in China, and has an additional 10 plants in design and construction phases.

As well providing the technology, Black & Veatch provides commissioning, start-up, equipment procurement assistance and other engineering services in support of Chemtex. Chemtex, as the prime contractor provides lump-sum engineering, procurement and construction services to its clients in China.