Toshiba to supply steam turbine and generator for coal-fired plant in Indonesia

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Toshiba Corp. will soon supply a steam turbine and generator (STG) for an ultra-supercritical coal-fired thermal power plant being constructed for Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company.

Toshiba’s STG is likely to be installed in an expansion of the Lontar coal-fired thermal power plant in Java’s Banten Province. With the addition of a 315MW STG, the plant's current capacity of 945 MW is likely to increase to a total of 1260MW.


The power plant is expected to offer higher fuel efficiency than Lontar’s current STG. Toshiba is likely to start delivery of the STG in January 2018 and the plant's commercial operation is scheduled for 2019. Toshiba said the company has plans to construct many more power plants.