Training Seminar on US Electric Power Industry, Renewable Energy

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Exploring ISO Markets, Power Transactions, and Industry Fundamentals.

This upcoming seminar provides a review of the current United States electric power industry. Participants will learn about electricity properties and terminology, the functioning of electric service systems, and the structure of North American power grids. The seminar covers the roles of control areas and balancing authorities, the advantages and disadvantages of different electric generation types, and the fundamentals of utility regulation and open access markets.

Key topics include various industry participants, regulatory conflicts, and the complexities of restructuring the power industry. The functions of Independent System Operators (ISOs), Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIM), and Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM), as well as locational marginal pricing (LMP), demand response, distributed energy resources, and battery energy storage systems, will be addressed. Participants will also explore the challenges and opportunities facing renewable energy sources and delve into bilateral energy markets, risk management strategies, and the intricacies of power transactions.

The seminar is divided into two days, with day one focusing on electricity properties, power grids, and industry regulations. Day two shifts to auctions, bilateral bulk power markets, and the roles of brokers, ICE OTC, futures exchanges, market-makers, traders, and power marketers. Participants will learn about risk management strategies, the fundamentals of bilateral physical power transactions, and the use of industry contracts for physical and financial power transactions.


John Adamiak, President, and Founder of PGS Energy Training, leads the seminar. He has over 20 years of experience in the natural gas and electric power industries.