Two casings of steam turbine leave factory, one by land and another by river

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The IP-LP rotor being loaded on to a barge at Doosan Škoda's Pilsen plant[/caption]

The Doosan Škoda Power 75 MW DST-S10 steam turbine ordered for a biomass power plant in Sodegaura, Chiba, has left Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Both turbine casings have been delivered assembled to reduce installation time on site. This configuration makes it possible to reduce assembly time by up to several months.


It was a big challenge for transport experts facing the changing navigability conditions of the river chosen for the transport of the 150 tonnes combined IP/LP turbine casing from the Port of Lovosice to the Port of Hamburg. Due to unfavourable climatic conditions with minimum snow and/or rain during the preceding winter, the D-day for a casing of such proportions had to be planned for the end of February. That’s when the cargo had to leave the Doosan Škoda Power plant  in order to avoid problems with the transport-river water level. Doosan Škoda Power fulfilled this plan and the casing left the factory on 28 February 2020. From there it was transported to Lovosice and, on 9 March, the turbine was smoothly unloaded in Hamburg. To meet the same unloading date,Doosan Škoda Power transported the HP turbine casing and other parts to Hamburg by land using standard lorries.

The next project phase is on-site implementation, which is scheduled to begin in September 2020 with installing and setting up the turbine. After the other construction and operational components of the power plant are assembled, testing will take place in late 2021/early 2022 and plant operations will be gradually launched. The plant is scheduled to be handed over for commercial use in June 2022.