Two Mitsubishi air-cooled G machines to power Canadian combined cycle

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has received an order from TransAlta Generation Partnership, a subsidiary of TransAlta Corporation, Canada, to supply two M501GAC gas turbines for installation at the Sundance 7 Power Generation Facility now under construction in Alberta. The gas turbines will be core components of the new natural gas-fired 800 megawatt gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power generation plant.


The Sundance 7 Power Generation Facility will produce enough electricity to power more than 900,000 homes in Alberta. The new GTCC power plant will consist mainly of two M501GAC gas turbines, a steam turbine and generators, with MHI to manufacture and supply the gas turbines and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation responsible for the generators.

MHI received the order through MPS Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc. Production of some gas turbine components and all the assembly work will be performed at the MPSA's Savannah Machinery Works, in Georgia.