V94.3A 2022 User Conference

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GTUsers hosts event for Siemens turbine

An event coordinated by GTUsers for the V94.3A (SGT5-4000F) end users conference was held in Rome from October 10-13th. Siemens Energy, Ansaldo Energia, and third parties held presentations. The first day (User Day) saw end user presentations and discussions. These were alternative parts for V94.3A unit, Hot Gas Path Inspection (HGPI) and Advanced Turbine Efficiency Package (ATEP) upgrade experience, H2 automatic purge systems, and more.

Ansaldo Energia’s (AE) presentations included V94.3A maintenance updates, H2 experience & development, generator repair experience, digitalization along with others. Siemens Energy (SE) went next. Products like ATEP and APEP (Advanced Plant Efficiency Package) were presented. Other noteworthy presentations were new burner technology for future emission requirements, gas turbines decarbonization, and H2 deployment in the SGT5-4000F.

3rd Party Service Providers


MD&A held a detailed presentation ‘Review of MD&A V94.3A4X New Make Components After their 1st Service Interval & Lifetime Extension’ covering the most important angles of their component solutions. Arnold Group made a presentation of their Advanced Single Layer Turbine Warming System including detailed axial flow steam turbine case study. Bohemia Market’s Petr Roupec held a presentation about cybersecurity concerns and of DCS and GT control Systems.

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