Validating the 7FA

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GE has employed an incremental approach for the 7FA.05 gas turbine, which is the latest evolution of its F class. The gas turbine produces over 180 MW in simple cycle. Only existing proven technologies are used in the machine. These include:




Aviation heritage compressor design utilized on Heavy Duty Gas Turbines


(GE5, GE10, 5002E, 6C )




Heavy Duty Gas Turbine compressor mechanical rotor structure




Successful DLN2.6 Combustor



Evolution of the validated 7FA Advanced Hot Gas Path turbine section


The 7FA.05 gas turbine technologies consists of 14 stages specifically modeled for a higher flow rate, enabling greater output.


The airfoil design is based on the proven aerodynamic configuration of the GE5, GE10, 5002E & 6C platforms. The first three stages of the compressor contain variable stator vanes that provide the gas turbine with a wider operating envelope.


The casings accommodate an advanced Blade Health Monitoring (BHM) system for stages 1 through 3. Additional borescope holes have been included for enhanced inspection coverage.


The turbine section of the 7FA.05 version uses FB technology and experience flow. Noted features are:




Proprietary, three-dimensional aerodynamics airfoil shapes for the S1N and S1B improving efficiency



More efficient stage loadings between Stage 2 and Stage 3



Improved cooling and sealing for improved efficiency



Improved clearances for improved efficiency



Nominal Tfire increase that still remains well within the FA experience class


Component level testing is required to ensure boundary conditions are well understood in order to articulate sub-system design & system level interactions. 


System Level Testing will be required for the full validation of the 7FA.05 gas turbine and will rely on 3 key systems level tests.




Compressor test


Full scale compressor characterization



7FA.04 HGP field test


Successfully instrumented field rotor test (Completed in May 2009)



7FA.05 FSFL test


Factory FSFL test of the 7FA.05 Gas Turbine



The compressor vehicle test of the 7FA.05 gas turbine is planned in early 2011 timeframe. This test is expected to two to three months in duration.


The test will be comprised of over 2600 data streams that will be supplied thru an advanced slip ring. 


The Gas Turbine test of the 7FA.05 is planned in the late 2011 timeframe. This test is expected to be two to three months in duration. The test will be comprised of over 2800 data streams that will be supplied thru two advanced slip rings. The data achieved by this test will support the validation of the following objectives.