Vertex Manufacturing XC 3D Printers

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Expanding capabilities with additive manufacturing

Vertex Manufacturing is ordering two Sapphire XC printers. The large-format Sapphire printers help Vertex offer production capabilities at scale, are calibrated for Inconel 718 and GRCop-42, and are capable of printing parts 600 mm in diameter and 550 mm in height. Capabilities include a wide range of post-processing services such as full 5-axis machining and finished-product surface treatments. The company operates a fleet of Sapphire printers calibrated to print in Inconel 718. Vertex also offers manufacturing using GRCop-42.


“As the AM landscape continues to mature, the technology has become invaluable, enabling faster product-development times and significantly reduced manufacturing cycles,” says Tim Warden, VP of Sales and Manufacturing at Vertex Manufacturing.