Via 5.8 Mobile Power Unit

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Siemens integrated power solution

Siemens is offering a Mobile Power Unit, the Via 5.8. It’s part of their fully integrated power solutions. It’s a single trailer power station with no permanent foundation required. It can be taken off-road thanks to high-load shock and vibration measures, permitting higher speeds. It’s DOT compliant and weighs in at 105,000 lbs. without a tractor. The dimensions are 8ft 6in for width, 53ft length, and 13ft 9in height.


Dry and Wet Low emissions options are available, along with dual fuel.Multiple generator options allow a wide range of variable frequency drive (VFD) and distribution voltages. Applications are enhanced by 60 Hz dual voltage (2.6kV / 4.16 kV) or 13.8 kV and 50 Hz with 6.6 kV and 11 kV selections. There are up to three sets of main switchgears. The outside temperature can go as low as -40 ⁰C (-40 ⁰F) up to 50⁰C (122 ⁰F).

To push all this power, it includes a light, robust, and field serviceable aeroderivative gas turbine. The output power measured at the generator terminals is 5.8 MWe, heat rate is 11,445 – 12,805 kJ/kWh, and 10,848 – 12,137 BTU/kW