Video: Mee Industries Talks Fogging Systems at POWERGEN 2024

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At POWERGEN 2024, CEO Thomas Mee of Mee Industries talked with Turbomachinery International about the company's upcoming projects, what's on display on the show floor, and more.


Does Mee Industries have any upcoming projects?

Thomas Mee: "Oh gosh, we have a lot of projects upcoming this year. We have a lot of units in Texas where they need extra power to follow the wind and solar, especially for when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. We have a big project upcoming in Iraq, mostly because they need more power there. We have a project coming up in Jordan for seven gas turbines and Iraq is 18 turbines. We’re working all over the world."

Tell us about this displayed equipment

Thomas Mee: "This is a high-pressure water atomizer. We pressurize water to 2,000 psi, about 140 bar, and atomize using a special atomizer nozzle. It makes this very fine fog so there are no issues with blade erosion or damage to the gas turbine. We’ve actually been doing this for 33 years and have over 1,000 installations from 1 MW to 400 MW gas turbines."

Any final thoughts on POWERGEN 2024?

Thomas Mee: "Mostly it seems like the industry is picking up. It’s good for the people of the world to have electricity."