Video: Siemens Energy Talks Trends, Hot Topics at POWERGEN 2024

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Turbomachinery International interviewed Rich Voorberg, President of Siemens Energy North America, at POWERGEN 2024. Voorberg spoke about trends and hot topics in the industry.


What trends and hot topics are you addressing at POWERGEN 2024?

Rich Voorberg: "Siemens Energy is all about the energy transition, so everything we try to do focuses on the energy transition. That means making sure we have reliable power today and one of our focuses is taking care of today. It’s also about taking care of tomorrow, and what that means is taking care of things like hydrogen, renewables, our wind turbine portfolio, but also putting it all together. On a digital side, we make sure things are working together. Each individual power plant, no matter new technology or old, are working together in an efficient manner. We do that through our AI, as well as our digital products."