Windshark turbine paired with commercially available generator

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WindShark is a proprietary vertical axis windmill with three curved helical blades that capture airflow from any wind direction.  Inspired by sacred geometry and the operational dynamics of a shark’s gills, the scalable WindShark turbine blade shape achieves vastly superior performance with start up at wind speeds below 2 mph and peak efficiencies between 6 to 10 mph.

While the innovative WindShark turbine blades convert the slightest amounts of wind energy into rotational energy, the generator component of the WindShark turbine converts that rotational energy into electricity.  The WindShark development team recently completed successful initial testing on a third-party manufactured generator.

In line with the low RPM operational design of the WindShark turbine, this third-party manufactured generator was shown to have a very low start-up resistance and started producing power at relatively low RPM.   Developers characterized the power curve (power output as a function of RPM) and found that it meets high operational specifications required for WindShark.  This manufacturer also supplies larger model generators that are expected to be evaluated during WindShark scale-up.


“Successfully pairing the revolutionary WindShark blade design with a compatible commercially available generator is an important advancement for the WindShark turbine technology,” commented Simeon Leonardo Reyes Francisco, CEO of MITU Resources.  “By using a compatible off-the-shelf generator, this should enable us to deploy WindShark turbines in commercial applications much sooner, while we continue development of a novel proprietary generator designed specifically for WindShark.”