With assisted reality, customers and users can inspect MAN equipment remotely

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MAN Energy Solutions is testing its newly developed assisted-reality application, PrimeServ EyeTech, in more than 20 applications for service orders and in cooperation with a pilot customer for turbomachinery maintenance and repair. The remote support tool enables mobile video conferences to be set up via data glasses. In this way, the technical specialists in the MAN Remote Operation centers can take the customer's perspective without having to be on site themselves.

“Our experts can help quickly and easily through interactive video calls set up via the glasses. Assisted-reality solutions have enormous potential for plant maintenance and repairs,” says Roland Kabitzke, Learning and Development Manager at MAN Energy Solutions. “Assisted reality” is a technology that allows a person to share their own environment with an expert who can help solve a problem in real time. “We started developing PrimeServ EyeTech in 2018 and are now testing smart glasses in field operation.”

PrimeServ EyeTech combines a safety helmet with a camera, micro screen, microphone and headphones. The camera mounted on the helmet enables the MAN expert to see on screen what the technician sees on site and to guide the technician visually and acoustically through maintenance processes. Additional information is provided to the customer via a helmet display.


“Digitalization becomes very concrete with PrimeServ EyeTech: Using assisted reality creates a direct customer benefit. The technology saves time, money and is good for the environment because our experts don't have to travel as much,” says Nico Billinger, Head of the Oberhausen Digital Operation Center. “PrimeServ EyeTech connects our experts with our customers quickly and, at the same time, gives them access to our worldwide network of experts. For example, a specialist in India can solve a problem for a customer in the USA without having to travel.”

PrimeServ EyeTech is part of PrimeServ Assist powered by MAN CEON, the new digital service solution from MAN Energy Solutions that provides customers with comprehensive support in a timely manner.