Markus Seibol Industry Insights Contributor, Vice President, Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Energy

Markus is Vice President Additive Manufacturing at Siemens Energy. In this role, Markus is responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and designs in Siemens Energy’s Generation Division. This includes strategic partnerships, technology collaborations and new business models.

He is also responsible for the AM services business through the wholly owned subsidiary Materials Solutions. Here, Siemens Energy drives innovation and commercial application of metal additive manufacturing for third-party customers.

Markus has extensive experience in the Siemens Energy business, covering areas of responsibility ranging from operations to technology and strategy.

Prior to joining Siemens, Markus worked for a management consulting firm in Munich, Germany, where he was Head of Practice Business Development & Strategy. Markus holds a Diploma in Management Information Systems from the University of Regensburg, an MBA from the University of Georgia and a PhD from the Technical University of Munich.