Ansaldo Energia Starts Combined-Cycle Unit at EP Produzione Power Plant

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The company put its gas turbine into parallel operation for a new 800 MW combined-cycle power unit at the EP Produzione Tavazzano and Montanaso thermoelectric power plant.

Ansaldo Energia recently completed the first parallel operation of a GT36 gas turbine in a new 800 MW combined-cycle unit at EP Produzione’s Tavazzano and Montanaso power plant in Italy. The parallel synchronized the gas turbine with Italy’s electricity grid, furthering the commissioning process for the unit that can provide the annual power consumption for over 1.5 million households. A few days prior to the first parallel, Ansaldo Energia completed the first firing of the gas turbine.

The company oversaw the Tavazzano and Montanaso project as the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor. This included taking care of the full construction for the unit from the foundation to eventual commissioning. The unit is comprised of a GT36 H-class gas turbine coupled to a steam turbine and two generators, with all complex components manufactured at Ansaldo Energia’s factories.

Ansaldo Energia’s GT36 gas turbine can respond to network load requirements to ensure high performance and reduce emissions. It is also ready for hydrogen combustion up to a mixture of 70%. EP Produzione’s new unit will help to secure the national electricity system and compensate for renewable energy intermittency.


The company began its EPC work on the EP Produzione thermoelectric plant in December 2021. It also committed to a multi-year maintenance contract in which Ansaldo Energia will perform maintenance on the GT36 gas turbine.

"We are very proud that EP Produzione has chosen Ansaldo Energia for the upgrade and the efficiency of its Tavazzano and Montanaso plant," said Giuseppe Marino, former CEO of Ansaldo Energia. "We are making available our best skills and most innovative technology to guarantee EP Produzione the success of this project and, at the same time, support Italy on its path towards the energy transition.”

In January 2024, Ansaldo Energia powered another combined-cycle plant with its GT36 gas turbine technology. The plant within the Minhang Industrial Zone in China entered commercial operation, undergoing a transformation from coal power to clean energy. The currently installed AE94.3A gas turbines complement the GT36 model, offering a wide range of power generation solutions to satisfy customer requirements. With successful operation and performance, the plant has already accumulated more than 1,000 operating hours.

A different turbine offering from the company, the AE94.2, will also be supplied for a Kazakhstan-based power plant project—the Reconstruction of Almaty CHPP-3. In cooperation with Kazakh power company KBI Energy Group, Ansaldo Energia will deliver two AE94.2 gas turbines, two generators, and associated auxiliary equipment. The supply contract follows the Reservation Agreement signed toward the end of 2023, which provided customer pre-emption of the production lines to guarantee efficient delivery times.

“The signing of this contract is a proof of the customer's great trust in our skills and capabilities, supported by the Italian supply chain," says Fabrizio Fabbri, CEO of Ansaldo Energia. “I am particularly pleased that the launch of this project takes place simultaneously with the creation of a technological hub for training and skills exchange, which will help consolidate our relationships with Kazakhstan in the years to come.”

Construction and completion of the Almaty CHPP-3 natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant will allow customers to produce electricity in a sustainable, low-cost manner. The AE94.2 gas turbines are designed for the use of hydrogen up to 40% mixed with natural gas and offer efficiency and operational reliability across 120 globally installed units.