Baker Hughes and BP Working Together on Operational Asset Management Strategies

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Baker Hughes partnered with BP to refine and develop digital software, Cordant—a suite of asset-performance management and process-optimization solutions by Baker Hughes. The Cordant system aims to streamline operations and enhance decision-making to increase asset availability, manage risk, and reduce emissions.

Baker Hughes and BP partnered up to refine and develop digital software, Cordant. It was introduced at the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2023 in January as an integrated suite of solutions designed to support asset performance management and process optimization for industrial and energy users. The system consolidates existing digital offerings for hardware, software, and service capabilities into a streamlined user interface.

It facilitates the standardization of asset health and strategy by incorporating operational data into a probabilistic model, which

  • adds uncertainty and randomness to the calculations, and
  • describes the likelihood of different outcomes or events occurring based on specific input parameters.

For turbomachinery operators, this means enhancing plant output without negatively impacting availability or production results.

As part of the collaboration, BP will implement part of Cordant, OnePM, in select Gulf of Mexico production assets. The companies will explore opportunities to extend this collaboration to other parts of the world in the future.