Bloom Energy to accelerate development of market for certified low-methane natural gas

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Bloom Energy will convert its global fleet to low-leak natural gas to curb methane emissions.

Bloom Energy announced it will convert its entire global natural gas fleet to certified low-leak natural gas to prevent the release of harmful methane emissions stemming from upstream gas production. In addition, Bloom Energy and MiQ will collaborate to test and refine elements of the certified gas marketplace.

Certified natural gas differentiates gas production across a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices through a focus on verified methane performance and associated company practices. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and leakages from the oil and gas industry contribute over 84 million tons of methane to global emissions each year. While progress has been made in recent decades to curb methane emissions, 75 percent of these emissions from oil and gas production can be technically eliminated today with little to no net cost. Achieving these reductions in methane emissions is the CO2 equivalent of replacing 60 percent of the world’s coal-fired power plants with zero-emissions generation.

Bloom Energy has issued a Request for Proposals for MiQ and Equitable Origin EO100 natural gas certificates matching its customers’ fuel consumption, which is intended to positively impact the climate and support certified gas production. Bloom Energy is seeking certificates representing gas production jointly approved under both the MiQ Standard and the EO100 Standard for Responsible Energy Development, which together provide production assurance around a broad range of ESG criteria.


Bloom Energy intends to source certificates signifying reduced methane emission intensity and other social and environmental attributes beginning in 2022.