Camfil releases new CamClose air filter

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The CamClose is a panel air filter designed to extend the service life of the final filter.

Camfil Power Systems has released its new generation CamClose product. The CamClose is a panel air filter, designed to extend the service life of the final filter. Adding the CamClose pre-filter in front of a final filter further improves overall filtration efficiency.

New Features:

  • Patented built-in pressure drop port helps to accurately monitor filter pressure drop across each filter stage separately, enabling the operator to better plan for filter replacement.
  • Strong built-in plastic clips allow for an easy close-coupling to the final filter, without any additional hardware.
  • High burst strength > 6250 Pa (25” w.g.) and robust frame maintains filter integrity in challenging environments
  • Lowest pressure drop in the G4 panel filter class
  • Optimal and proper sealing gives best-in-class water and contaminant handling, as well as a low and stable pressure drop
  • Advanced media offers low pressure drop, long life and good water handling
  • Non-charged, high mechanical efficiency ensures gas turbine filters maintain their efficiency class in high velocity applications.
  • The new generation includes three efficiency classes and have been tested to the latest industry standards per EN779:2012 and ISO 16890: 2016.
  1. G4 / ISO ePM Coarse 60%
  2. M5 / ISO ePM10 65%
  3. M6 / ISO ePM2.5 50%